It is often funny when I talk around me about my professional activity, my freelancing endeavour…

Most of my interlocutors would assume that I am living the dream life everyone would hope for; a day-to-day life with no bosses to report to, or coworkers to greet in the morning. Therefore, in this situation, who would even bother to wake up in the early morning to get shit done, right?

If this statement was even slightly true, freelancers, solopreneurs and other members of the gig economy’s brotherhood would be dead broke by 2.15 pm and back to the 9-5 life the very next day.

While some of us find ourselves more productive in a very familiar environment, such as our homes or apartments, others are rather willing to separate personal from business lives, therefore, seeking human interactions in a living café or co-working spaces. Both concepts have gained increasing popularity around the world. Even so, it may eventually come a time when the corporate model will revolve around such decentralized professional settings in order to cope with commute burden, let alone with mental health.

There is a common statement saying that when trying a co-working space, there is no turning back.

Having tried it a few months ago, I still wonder why I haven’t tried it even sooner…

Here are 3 Killer Reasons Why Co-Working Spaces Are Awesome.

01. It Is A Jumping Call Out Of The Bed To See Like-Minded People

Almost everyone is keen to stay laid down one hour or more under warm sheets.

Still, due to—financial—obligations, individuals are somewhat drilled to wake up at some point in order to run a certain amount of tasks throughout the day before being released from duty. Freelancers, solopreneurs and the like, are no exception to this golden rule. When signing up for a monthly or yearly lease somewhat already obliges the subscriber to walk into the premises to abide by a routine.

Beyond that, the perspective to find oneself surrounded by like-minded people kills loneliness in the egg. Albeit each member is working on own projects or for clients across borders, social interactions still remain what defines humans the best. Within such a tribe, members learn, observe and empower each one another.

02. It Brings Seriousness With A Ton Flexible Perks

Ever wondered to bring a client to the place you live in? Think about it twice…

Not every place is suitable to integrate an office, and it was, juggling administrative matters across both personal and professional environments would remain a tricky matter.

From New York, London to Bali, co-working spaces are awesomely designed and offer a wide range of options to their members in order to facilitate their workday. Be it flexible or fixed desks, casual offices, one-on-one meetings or larger conference rooms, shared utility services including kitchen, entertainment rooms or roof terraces, the choice is large.

On top of that, hefty office supply costs that would generally come with a home-run business are now swept under the carpet through a co-working lease. With a chunk of money saved and fewer administrative issues to think about, one’s mind is solely focused on income generation.

03. It Fuels Productivity Over Bureaucracy

The flexibility of choosing its own co-working seat installs brings up choosing own day-to-day coworkers as well.

Free from any managerial hierarchy, unexpected meetings or given tasks, unsolicited interruption from an annoying coworker telling his/her last annoying romance endeavour or boring weekend tale, a healthy, stress-free, productivity-driven environment is created.

Additionally, while generally choosing a co-working place located near own living place, users are reducing commute time to a greater extent and improving the work-life balance for a better morning kickstart.

And you, what are you waiting for to join the community?